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Welcome to
Care for Education

Care for Education (CFE) is a non-profit organisation

and partner of the LEGO Foundation.

What We Do

Care for Education provides training and educational resources for children, schools and organisations in need.

We aim to impact early childhood development and primary education, using concrete manipulatives which engage children in playful learning.

How We Do It

We work alongside multiple partners to deliver a host of educational services.

Most of the services that CFE offers are provided free of charge with the exception of product delivery and advanced training. 

Who does CFE Impact?

Through Play Box and Six Bricks programmes, CFE aims to impact adults: - principals, ECD owners, practitioners, teachers, therapists, parents, students.  CFE also indirectly reaches children. 

The following sectors, throughout South Africa, are targeted by CFE:

  • ECD (2 – 5 year olds) – in this sector CFE impacts partner organisations either directly or through the cascading model.  CFE also influences practitioners and parents who attend our training or parent workshops.

  • Primary Schools (6 – 12 year olds) – In Foundation Phase CFE uses the DUPLO Play Box and Six Bricks.  In Intermediate Phase CFE uses the LEGO Play Box for the ABC (After School Building Clubs).

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