LEGO ABC Online Workshops

Play and Learn training varies in terms of duration and comprehensiveness. Various training options are offered below. Please, consider these and get in contact to book your Play and Learn training session!

Please note that Play & Learn online training courses require one week for each level. 

Training Courses

After School Building Club

  • No experience required  

  • Skills addressed in the Workshop: Mathematics, Creativity, Fantasy Play, Perceptual Skills, Social Skills 

  • Introduction to Learning through Play with LEGO elements  

  • Basic Building Ideas 

  • Integration with Math, Language, Arts & Social Science 


  • Large box of mixed LEGO elements 

  • Access to a computer and stable internet connection 

  • Microsoft Teams app downloaded onto device (optional for best viewing) 

  • Your video needs to stay on throughout the training 

  • Online training is 2 hours, however there is work which needs to be done to prepare before training starts 

  • Post training assignments and homework are given after the training