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About us

Care for Education is a non-profit organisation and partner of the LEGO Foundation.

We provide training and educational resources for children, schools and organisations in need. We aim to impact early childhood development and primary education, using concrete manipulatives which engage children in playful learning.

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Most of the services that CFE offers are provided free of charge with the exception of product delivery and advanced training.  Any charitable organisation may apply for donation by completing an online application form.  Applications are vetted to ensure that the donations are going to places that will positively impact children’s lives. 

Six Bricks

is a concept designed to excite and motivate young children in the classroom to attain the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in later life. To help the formation of a young learner’s brain, developmentally appropriate early experiences and relationships are vital. In order to grasp concepts, children must be given time to manipulate concrete tools. They need opportunities to use their whole body to explore and aid their development of ideas, curiosity and imagination.

Play Box

The LEGO Foundation provides LEGO Play Boxes to organisations around the world that are supporting and working with children from disadvantaged and troubled environments. Each Play Box contains a variety of elements which are valuable as teaching and learning tools in any curriculum, from early childhood to adulthood. A Play Box provides opportunities for activities which promote skills development and learning through play.

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