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The global Six Bricks community is growing and thriving with many Six Brickers creating inspirational activities all based on the characteristics of PLAY.


Because we love sharing and don’t want to lose any interesting and fun ideas, we use PADLET, an easy and accessible platform, to store and share Six Bricks activities and games from all over the world.

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View some of the Six Bricks ideas developed by a contributor below


Grobby Six Bricks is a Superhero / Superheroine. Unlike the caped superheroes, Grobby uses Six bricks, brain power and problem solving skills to devise a solution to a pressing problem. This is a story to be shared and enjoyed by the children. The story will act as a springboard for the children to write their own Grobby Six Bricks stories. 

Author: Martin Pender

Watch a video of a 'reading' of the book below. 

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Six Bricks Interactive Whiteboard Software

This is an amazing software support to all Six Bricks Enthusiasts & Practitioners + it’s FREE!

The Software is full of great ways to use Six Bricks in curriculum.

Tip: when you access the software and the 35+ tools, be sure to check out the ‘Teacher Notes’ above each toolbar to get an idea of how to operate and apply the software in curriculum.

Link to: Six Bricks Software 

Author: Martin Pender

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