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Six Bricks Ideas

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Ideas on how to use Six Bricks from people around the world that have adopted Six Bricks as their teaching tool.


Grobby Six Bricks is a Superhero / Superheroine. Unlike the caped superheroes, Grobby uses Six bricks, brain power and problem solving skills to devise a solution to a pressing problem. This is a story to be shared and enjoyed by the children. The story will act as a springboard for the children to write their own Grobby Six Bricks stories. 

Author: Martin Pender

Read all about GROBBY or order the book here

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Six Bricks Interactive
Whiteboard Software

This is an amazing software support to all Six Bricks Enthusiasts & Practitioners + it’s FREE!

The Software is full of great ways to use Six Bricks in curriculum.

Tip: when you access the software and the 35+ tools, be sure to check out the ‘Teacher Notes’ above each toolbar to get an idea of how to operate and apply the software in curriculum.

Link to: Six Bricks Software 

Author: Martin Pender

Watch a video of a 'reading' of the book below.