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The Foundation Phase Initiative (FPI) stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts with key partners; the Department of Basic Education (DBE), UNICEF, CFE and the LEGO Foundation. At the core of FPI implementation is a dedicated focus on enriching the South African CAPS curriculum and transforming pedagogies to seamlessly integrate play-based approaches into teaching and learning. The key instrument for this nationwide initiative is the Six Bricks tool.

2019-2024 Reach

Three provinces completed by start of 2024 (including 20-30% of the other 6 provinces).

2 557 119



61 699

Teachers Trained

7 144

Schools Supported

Having successfully completed rollouts in three provinces (Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and Free State) the FPI project consistently promotes and nurtures a learning through play (LtP) mindset. Over the past five years, on-site visits and data collection have revealed concrete evidence of a transformative shift in teachers' perspectives. This shift indicates positive growth towards enhancing the overall quality of teaching. Teachers have commented on LtP using Six Bricks, highlighting benefits such as hands-on learning and increased learner engagement and showcasing creativity by integrating tailored activities into their teaching methodologies.

FPI Completion Status

Number of schools reached

Gauteng - 1589

Free State - 1183

Eastern Cape - 4332

Limpopo - 40

Number of teachers trained

Gauteng - 20 548

Free State - 5703

Eastern Cape - 20 328

Limpopo - 1368

UNICEF are using Class Act to assist them with training and are hoping to complete at least 20-30% of the other 6 provinces by the end of 2024.

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