Foundation Phase Initiative

Care for Education, in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education, is running a Learning Through Play programme which focuses on the implementation of manipulatives in Gr R to Gr 3,

to enhance & enrich the CAPS curriculum in South African schools. 

  • Activities using Six Bricks as a playful teaching & learning tool are explored & co-created in a two-day, hands-on workshop with teachers who then implement these collaborative ideas into their teaching practice. 

  • Our CFE Research team pays regular visits to the participating schools to document the effectiveness of the programme. 

  • This Six Bricks play-based learning initiative has the potential to strengthen teaching practice and the way in which children learn. 

  • Developing the critical foundations of learning at an early age can be achieved through play.

  • The fun-filled activities with the Six Bricks aim to support the foundational developmental areas of the young learner. 

Below is a 2019 - 2021 timeline of the Foundation Phase Initiative

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