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What is Six Bricks?

A set of 2x4 DUPLO bricks of 6 different colours to engage children in playful learning.

Crossing the Midline

How to use just Six Bricks to encourage children to perform bilateral & cross-lateral movements. 

Gross Motor Skills

Left & right torso twists to encourage midline crossing. 

Number of Ways to Connect

The reason why Six Bricks can be such a versatile tool. 

Back to Back

A communication game to promote language development & spatial awareness.

Copy a Model

A great visual discrimination & memory activity. 

Tricky Tower

A fun challenge to practise your fine motor control, balance, inhibitory control, perseverance & spatial awareness

Dice Game

A social group game to consolidate number recognition & awareness and to practise taking turns. 

Cube Fun

Build a cube & move your body. 

More Cube Fun

Understanding prepositions. 

Two Bricks

Simple hand-eye coordination exercises. 

Listen & Do

Listen to, interpret & follow instructions. 

3D Model Build

Copy & compare a model. 

Sequencing Exercise

Great pre-reading skills to develop. 

Tactile Exercise

Close your eyes & develop your sense of touch. 


Work together & have fun. 

Build it ... Guess it

Build a model for your friend to guess. 

Story Starter

Sort colours; build a creature; tell the story. 

Templates (2D to 3D)

Build in 3D from a 2D instruction. 

Touch the Colours

Peripheral vision & colour awareness. 

Cube Crawls

Gross motor & crossing midline exercise. 

Pass the Message

Auditory discrimination & memory skills. 


Problem solving & collaboration. 

Stud Sort

A sorting activity. 

Hanging Around

How many bricks can you balance off the edge of a table? 


A full body workout! 

Match the Colours

Match; one to one correspondence; colour awareness. 

Brick in a Bin

Aim, estimate & calculate distance in a fun, active game. 

Build Your Name

Initial letters & syllabification. 

Paddle Ball

Hand-eye coordination game. 


Problem solving & collaboration. 

Remember It

Challenge your memory. 

Super Glue High Five

Challenge your inhibitory control & sort colours. 

Build Your News

Recall; build an event & tell your friends. 

Using Templates

Figure-ground & depth perception. 

Balloon Tennis

A game for problem solving & hand-eye coordination. 

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