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Dads and their kids loving Six Bricks!

The availability of Six Bricks in homes has led to an increase in fathers' involvement in their children's playful learning experiences. These resources have regenerated hope in many parents who felt their children's learning was doomed for the year 2020. This is because while the Six Bricks resources and activities are playful and fun, parents are observing firsthand, how their children are developing and learning as they interact with the bricks.

It has been a real delight to see how fathers (for a change) are guiding and motivating their children as they play and learn with the bricks. The joy of observing a child complete a building challenge, solve a given task or re-inforce their knowledge of colours, shapes or numbers via Six Bricks, has been an experience to treasure for many a dad.

The children, on the other hand, have benefitted "immensely" from their dads being "present"and "involved" in their playful learning experiences. The encouragement, guidance, and support provided has made a world of difference for many a Chief Luthuli child.

The "Six Bricks at Home" COVID19 initiative has brought colour and life to many homes, amidst this gloomy COVID19 season.


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