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Six Bricks on TeacherConnect

We have some exciting news to share with you! 

Our Weekly Support activities are live on TeacherConnect WhatsApp platform.

Follow the steps below to be part of TeacherConnect.

  • To access content related to Six Bricks, add TeacherConnect as a contact number (060 060 3333) on your phone.

  • Start a chat with TeacherConnect on WhatsApp by typing SixBricks as one word or Six.

  • WhatsApp bot will respond with a selection of menu below

  • Tell me more - Train me - Term Resources

  • Select Term Resources to view Weekly Support Activities

  • You can do our FPI online course by selecting Train me

  • And you can find out more about Six Bricks by selecting Tell me more

All support activities for term 1 have been compiled and published as one booklet, this will help teachers plan ahead and not wait for our weekly posts on the FPI Facebook Community Page.

Click here to view Six Bricks Term 1 Support Activities 🥳


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