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DUPLO amongst the donkey carts

“The Rotary Club of Polokwane found a way to make training during COVID times possible by setting up out in the open air under the thorn trees in the dusty playground of a rural school near Polokwane. The DUPLO brought tears of disbelief, joy and happiness from not only the recipients, but Rotary members alike. We had such fun whilst training – crowing cocks in the background, happy faces, much laughter, dancing – and we even drew the attention of the donkey carts.”

In Facilitator Shayne's words: “As Saturday 6th February 2021 dawned, it was with great excitement that my feet hit the ground.

This Saturday was different to the usual Saturdays I see this dedicated team of ECD staff that are always willing to give up their weekends to learn more and improve their practice... This Saturday we were going to deliver DUPLO gifts and the Play Box training to support the DUPLO Play Boxes donated by Care for Education.

Car packed with 8 training boxes I hit the road, together with arranged cars to transport the further 22 Play Boxes for 9 preschools at GA-Cheune and GA-Maja.

As a dedicated 'Learning through play' supporter, I would like to thank Care for Education and their support teams for the kindness they have shown through their generosity. The difference you are making to the lives of the deprived communities in Limpopo does not go unnoticed. You have spread love, light and learning to 558 children who have benefited directly from this donation. “


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