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DUPLO in Dipaleseng

Surrounded by cows, Cosmos flowers and beautiful views, 20 happy participants completed Play Box Level 1 & 2 training at Topsy’s Rufford House, in Grootvlei, Mpumalanga.

The Topsy Foundation works with local ECDs to provide training, mentoring and resources to practitioners and caregivers, as well as assisting with establishing vegetable gardens.

Colour fun in the sun

Moving and matching time

“Topsy partners with three sub-communities in the sub-district of Dipaleseng, Mpumalanga. This area, often referred to as a forgotten part of the country due to its scant infrastructure and lack of large-scale industry, is home to several large rural communities. Most children live in households where there is little to no source of income and many live in food poverty. Topsy's current mission is to provide communities with the support and tools needed to raise happy, healthy and capable children.”

Dipaleseng (a Sesotho word meaning 'at the flowers')


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