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Helping ECD teachers one LEGO at a time

Practitioners having fun with DUPLO

ORT SA Cape, a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) which is supported by Care for Education (CFE), facilitated a short course between January and June 2021 which consisted of several 3-hour workshops with local ECD practitioners. All workshops were hands-on and interactive and were aimed at showcasing the value of learning through play using DUPLO and Six Bricks. Workshops were facilitated in accordance with strict COVID-19 regulations.

After each workshop, practitioners completed a feedback form. They were asked to rate the training by looking at the effectiveness and relevance of the training to their own teaching practices. The feedback indicated that practitioners felt motivated and enthusiastic about implementing learning through play in their own classroom/school settings. Practitioners also expressed a deep appreciation of DUPLO/Six Bricks as an effective teaching tool for children. One teacher went on to explain “things will be more exciting and playful. Learning will be easier for children”. Educators also appreciated how Six Bricks and DUPLO allow integration of different subject areas “I can make learning Maths and Languages fun”. Overall, practitioners felt that using DUPLO and Six bricks put children at the centre of teaching, which is how it is meant to be!


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