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LETCEE brings learning to Umzinyathi

LETCEE, an NPO based in Greytown, has 3 mobile Toy Libraries which provide play opportunities for children at regular Play sessions and families may also borrow toys to use at home. LETCEE serves the most remote and impoverished communities in Umzinyathi. Unfortunately their work had to come to a grinding halt as Lockdown was announced. Once allowed LETCEE started doing home visits and providing learning packs which included sets of Six Bricks.

"Gogo told the home visitor that Anele plays for hours with her bricks.. Her favourite thing is to sort into colours and she likes to build with 1 colour at a time. She also enjoys matching the bricks to her clothes and articles at home."

Copying what the home visitor has built. This little girl has some cognitive delays but is loving playing with her bricks.

Wonderful to see how many vital skills are being developed through simple guided and free play activities with DUPLO bricks.


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