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Living Kids

Living Kids Sports Academy, a Non-Profit Company, serves remote communities in Mpumalanga, Eersterust and Mamelodi by offering training and resources to ECDs. The NPC facilitates 12-week long workshops that encompass a Toddler-Sport-Program, LEGO Six Bricks and DUPLO Play Box. In the 3 month-long courses, facilitators enable teachers and principals of ECD’s to effectively use the resources they receive. They also share short videos with practitioners, thereafter, try-out the lessons in their own classrooms. Activities are aimed at developing children’s numeracy, literacy, social-emotional, physical and perceptual skills. Pictures and videos of the lessons are then sent back to the facilitators for feedback and suggestions.

With COVID-19 restrictions impacting the number of children attending schools at a given time, the three-month courses provide activity ideas and much needed motivation as illustrated by one practitioner “The training sessions have always been a time and place where people can get away from their everyday challenges and forget the sorrows of life for a little while, because they are enjoying each other’s company while having lots of fun and laughter. It is such a privilege to be part of a program that brings so much HOPE to people’s lives! We stand in awe of the difference it is making with regards to people’s state of mind, and also to their ability to develop the bodies, minds and souls of the little children in their ECD Centres. Since the little ones are the future of our country, this is extremely important and also very encouraging!

Observations from the trainings suggest that the workshops have also fostered social cohesion, as one practitioner explained “we are also learning a lot from each other across the cultural lines. We come to know the people of Eersterust and Mamelodi, as kind, loving and caring people. They are simply longing for the same things that we long for-to live a good life in safety and peace; to be able to care for their children and to give them the best future possible; and also, simply to be loved, and valued as individual human beings”.

The work done by Living Kids is inspirational, they also provide training, support, and resources to Skukuza ECD Centre and Tshokwane Bush School in the Kruger Park.

A salute to Living Kids for their efforts!


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