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'LEGO® DUPLO - The Tools of Architects and Storytellers'


The air in Abahambi’s playgroup hummed with a quiet focus, not the frenetic chaos you might expect from a room full of toddlers. Gone were the days of listless afternoons. Now, vibrant LEGO® DUPLO bricks lay scattered across the floor, the tools of architects and storytellers. This transformation wasn't magic, nor was it Abahambi’s sudden discovery of hidden teaching powers. It was the result of the LEGO® DUPLO training she'd received from LETCEE, a program quietly sparking change in Matimatolo.


Siphiwe, once a shy boy who clung to Abahambi’s apron, is now perched on a miniature tower built from DUPLO bricks, his eyes gleaming with the confidence of a builder. Ayanda, a whirlwind of energy, sat cross-legged beside him, carefully lining up DUPLO animals along a makeshift stream crafted from blue fabric. They weren't lost in daydreams; they were collaborating, problem-solving, and unleashing their imaginations, block by colourful block.


Abahambi no longer hesitant, watched with a quiet smile. The training had given her more than just new games and activities. It had given her the tools to observe, to guide, and to nurture the potential within each child.


The change wasn't confined to the four walls of the playgroup. Parents, who'd once seen playtime as a necessary but unproductive routine, now lingered at the doorway, drawn by the quiet hum of their children's engagement. Some even ventured in, their faces softened by smiles as they watched Siphiwe add another floor to his tower or Ayanda patiently coax a DUPLO elephant across her fabric stream.


In a short span of time, LEGO® DUPLO wasn't just blocks; it was a catalyst.


LETCEE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to Early Childhood Development, situated in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Its name, derived from the Zulu term for Greytown, eNdlovana, meaning “the place of the little elephant,” embodies its commitment to nurturing young minds. Collaborating with many organisations across Kwa-Zulu Natal, LETCEE helps foster a supportive environment for children’s growth and development. As part of their training initiatives for early learning professionals, LETCEE uses Six Bricks and Play Box to promote learning through play.



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