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The Sounds of Training

Get comfy, click on the image to start the sound clip and then close your eyes and just listen.

What did you hear? Was it hail on a tin roof?

No. This is the sound of our DUPLO Play Box training.

Pretty noisy, right?

Cosmo City Forum attended a Level 2 Training and it was fabulous. Lots of noise, lots of fun, lots of laughter and some great learning.

One of the questions or fears that teachers often have about the DUPLO training is the noise that comes with it. And let's be honest, it can be really noisy!

What is important is for us to differentiate between constructive noise and destructive noise. Destructive noise happens when children are bored, frustrated, tired and generally disinterested. It does not lead to creativity or construction but rather frustration.

Constructive noise is the opposite. It is focused and thoughtful. It is driven and has purpose. There is often something which comes out of it - this could be a thought or an idea, the solution to a problem, or a constructive build. This is the noise we strive for when we encourage a Learning Through Play approach.

Don't be afraid of noise. Embrace it!

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