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United through Play

Care for Education Welcomes Six Bricks Facilitators From Around the World

In an inspiring display of playful learning, Care for Education recently hosted our first-ever international seminar that welcomed enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The stage was set for representatives from South Africa, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, India, UAE, and Uganda, and it did not disappoint!

With a shared passion for Six Bricks, participants embarked on a journey of learning, sharing insights from diverse contexts, and experimenting with new activities. The training room at Care for Education buzzed all week with stories of transformation as participants presented their incredible applications used in various settings. From teacher in-service training to engaging adults and the visually impaired, from tackling climate change to empowering learners with special educational needs and diverse backgrounds, the possibilities seemed endless.

Participants expressed their gratitude and left with hearts full and minds brimming with ideas. Their inspiration fuelled a collective commitment to foster a closely connected community dedicated to playful learning with Six Bricks. The future of playful learning shines brightly around the world.


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