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What is FPI?

Care for Education, in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education, is running a Learning Through Play programme which focuses on the implementation of manipulatives in Gr R to Gr 3, to enhance & enrich the CAPS curriculum in South African schools.

Activities using Six Bricks as a playful teaching & learning tool are explored & co-created in a two-day, hands-on workshop with teachers who then implement these collaborative ideas into their teaching practice. Our CFE Research team pays regular visits to the participating schools to document the effectiveness of the programme. This Six Bricks play-based learning initiative has the potential to strengthen teaching practice and the way in which children learn. Developing the critical foundations of learning at an early age can be achieved through play. The fun-filled activities with the Six Bricks aim to support the foundational developmental areas of the young learner.


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