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A Journey of Play in Nelson Mandela Bay 😊

In a transformative two-week venture, Care for Education recently brought playful learning with Six Bricks to Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape. Our goal was to equip teachers with tools and methodologies for interactive and creative learning. With sessions spanning two days per grade, from Grades R to 3, and held at seven different venues each week, an impressive total of 2099 teachers participated. Their active involvement and positive response were truly inspiring.

Practical activities, aligned with the curriculum and key concepts of Learning through Play, were integrated throughout the two days. Facilitators encouraged open discussions, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment. By the end of the second day, teachers shared their insights and innovations, and left with confidence to implement Learning through Play using Six Bricks in their classrooms, some introducing it as early as the following day.

Our training was made possible through the dedication of the district and hosting schools. Their efforts extended far beyond the training room. In fact, six dedicated officials worked into the nights to unload trucks filled with Six Bricks, ensuring that everything was prepared and ready for teachers to collect their sets on time. They packed sets of Six Bricks per school, per teacher, and per number of children, ensuring each school had the necessary materials to implement playful learning in their classrooms soon after training.

We extend heartfelt thanks to Nelson Mandela Bay for their warm welcome and commitment to a seamless training experience. Their passion for quality teaching and learning has brightened our journey. As we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate how Learning through Play with Six Bricks will flourish in Nelson Mandela Bay, thanks to the incredible support and enthusiasm of this remarkable community. Together, we're igniting a brighter future for our learners!


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