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A Six Bricks Series

Mount Frere, Eastern Cape

Join us over the next few weeks as we share some playful lessons using Six Bricks from around South Africa! 🤗


My Family

The Grade 1 teacher was charismatic, lively, and playful. Both she and her learners eagerly welcomed visitors with excitement and enthusiasm. The lesson delivery was energetic and smooth. The teacher expertly acknowledged the individual efforts of each learner. Her classroom was well-resourced, and the seating arrangement facilitated consistent group work, with the learners clearly accustomed to collaboration and mutual assistance.

She first reminded the learners about their set work, ‘Lelapa Leso’ (‘My Family’ in Sesotho). She asked her learners questions about the family members depicted in the book, scaffolding questions during the lesson. Using printed images of the family members from the book, she asked learners to match brick colours to each family member’s clothing. The learners then collaborated to construct a family member using the bricks. Engaging in lively discussions about their creations, the learners received admiration and support from their teacher, who attentively walked around the classroom attending to all her learners. The lesson ended with the learners drawing their own family trees on pre-printed worksheets.

Using bricks, the teacher incorporated fun and playfulness into a lesson that was integral to the curriculum. The learners worked independently and in groups with ease and demonstrated that they were familiar with the bricks. The teacher excelled in guiding and validating all her learners, ensuring that none were left behind.

Figure 1 Learners building a family member with Six Bricks before drawing their family trees

A Six Bricks Class Lesson - Part 1

Watch the video below

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