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A Six Bricks Series (Part 6)

Sedibeng East, Gauteng

This is the final part of our Six Bricks Series! We hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks of playful lessons using Six Bricks from around South Africa! 🤗 Click on the related posts to view some of the previous lessons.


The Lifecycle of a Tadpole

In Grade R, workstations for differentiated learning were a common sight. Seated in a circle on the carpet, a group of learners participated in building their own frog models following their teacher's instructions.

With the frog models completed, the teacher moved on to describe the various stages of a frog’s life cycle using a graphical poster, engaging the learners in an interactive and dynamic learning experience. The learners playfully moved their models, imitating the sounds and movements of frogs, adding an element of fun to the lesson.

Across other groups and stations, learners were engaged in various activities, including using playdough to sculpt their interpretations of frogs and drawing pictures of frogs. An assistant teacher provided support and guidance to the learners, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the lesson.

The teacher's skilful facilitation, combined with the assistant teacher, ensured that each group received the necessary attention and support, fostering an environment conducive to active learning. The activity allowed learners to explore and create tangible representations, laying the groundwork for early reading and writing.


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