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A Six Bricks Series (Part 2)

Mount Frere, Eastern Cape

Join us over the next few weeks as we share some playful lessons using Six Bricks from around South Africa! 🤗


Colour Fun

The classroom buzzed with energy and playful excitement. The desks and chairs were arranged in groups, fostering an environment perfect for collaborative learning. The playground outside the classroom complements the classroom, the walls alive with educational posters igniting curiosity and imagination.

The learners gathered in a circle and each learner held their bricks, awaiting their teacher’s instruction. The teacher quickly called out a colour, setting off a lively reaction of song and dance. The learners sang about the colour of the brick, rhythmically stepping in and out of the circle. The learners laughed and clapped as they dropped their bricks into the centre of the circle on the beat. The teacher called out another colour, propelling the song and dance once more. The cycle repeated until all the bricks found their way to the centre.

The teacher led the learners to collect their bricks and create their Six Bricks stacks. The learners worked independently, yet readily extended a helping hand to their peers whenever needed. It was a testament to the teacher’s skilful guidance, fostering an environment that nurtured both individuality and teamwork.

Having immersed themselves in play, the learners transitioned to the next phase of their learning. With the teacher’s confidence and playful demeanour, they were motivated to engage in their workbook activities. The teacher creatively integrated a movement activity into the lesson, captivating the learners and allowing them to channel their focus and delve into the worksheet.

As the lesson unfolded, the classroom transformed into a dynamic space of exploration and learning. The playful energy gave way to purposeful concentration. Their learning experience had been carefully scaffolded, bridging the gap between playful exploration and the necessary completion of academic tasks.

Figure 1 Learners working together to recollect their sets of Six Bricks


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