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Doubled up on Play

Today, Care for Education trained two groups of practitioners in learning through play using LEGO® DUPLO.

In the face-to-face training room, 15 early childhood development teachers from the Inyanda forum received Level 1 training in learning through play using DUPLO Play Box. They discussed concepts of mathematics, measurement, and the design-make-test process. They also had fun working on their communication, problem-solving, and socio-emotional skills, and had meaningful conversations about enhancing learning through play practice in their classrooms.

Meanwhile, in the online training room, a lively group of 9 practitioners from Hong Kong received training in learning through play using mats and Six Bricks as a tool. They explored mathematical and spatial concepts with great energy and excitement and quickly grasped concepts of associations, laterality, and sequencing.

Both training sessions were successful and practitioners left with the enthusiasm, knowledge, and resources needed to implement learning through play across a wide range of contexts and subjects.


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