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Motheo: A Cornerstone of Learning Through Play

The word ‘Motheo’ means ‘cornerstone’ or ‘foundation’ in Sesotho. Motheo is one of the cornerstone districts in the Free State where Care for Education is working towards implementing learning through play using Six Bricks as a tool.

In the first week of March, Care for Education and District Subject Advisors (DSAs) co-trained Grade 1 and Grade 3 teachers in areas around Motheo. As part of the Foundation Phase Initiative (FPI), Care for Education provided all resources for training and prepared the DSAs to facilitate training in learning through play using Six Bricks as a tool. With mentorship and support from Care for Education, DSAs successfully hosted training for Grade R and Grade 2 teachers the following week. School halls were alive with excitement as DSA trainers and teachers passionately told stories and raced between tables with Six Bricks in hand. Teachers were actively engaged in dynamic activities and explored concepts like assessment practices, classroom management, and engaging parents. DSA trainers skillfully modeled learning through play as teachers enthusiastically explored their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

In their playfulness, teachers also modeled a space for acceptance of differing opinions, building confidence, and open channels of communication. Teachers remarked on the importance of learning through play and left the training ready to implement learning through play using Six Bricks as a tool in their classrooms.


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