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Today was a jam-packed day of training at Care for Education!

Today, two separate groups received training in learning through play using LEGO® DUPLO. A group of 16 teachers joined Care for Education for a face-to-face session on Level 1 Play Box. They danced, moved, played, and sang as they worked on their design-make-test processes, memory skills, language, and laterality. They spent some time outdoors working on colour sorting, rhyme, and rhythm and discussed ways to develop important skills in their learners.

While the training room bustled with laughter and learning, a separate group of eager international practitioners joined Care for Education online. After taking some time to practice their skills from previous training, practitioners excitedly built on their knowledge of learning through play using mats and Six Bricks. They explored new concepts of language, laterality, spatial concepts, and mathematics. They considered ways to help learners move between abstract and concrete constructs, deliberated the development of body awareness and position in space, and discussed the application of mats and Six Bricks to subjects like languages, life skills, and mathematics.

Both groups participated enthusiastically and left the training with the energy, knowledge, and resources needed to implement learning through play using LEGO® DUPLO.


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