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A Six Bricks Series (Part 4)

Sedibeng East, Gauteng

Join us over the next few weeks as we share some playful lessons using Six Bricks from around South Africa! 🤗


Fine Motor Stations

The classroom exudes a vibrant and playful atmosphere, with four groups of learners stationed around the room, each immersed in a different activity. The teacher and her assistant actively move between these stations, providing help, individualised attention, and generous praise to each group of learners.

At the first station, learners take turns assuming leadership roles within their group. The first learner displays a number card, and their peers respond by constructing various objects using the corresponding number of bricks. This activity is entirely learner-led, with learners supporting one another and taking turns guiding the group.

Over at the second station, learners combine their bricks with playdough to craft pizzas. They mould the dough into small balls and use their bricks to flatten it, creating intricate textures and shapes on their pizza creations. Once finished, the pizzas are passed down the line for ‘baking.’

At the third station, learners embark on the task of building staircases. With guidance from their teacher, they explore different techniques for interlocking bricks and constructing staircases, both independently and as a group.

The fourth station, led by the assistant teacher, introduces learners to a creative challenge. Learners are presented with an array of coloured crayons, and their task is to swiftly build a stack of bricks using matching colours. This activity adds an element of memory challenge, as the teacher progressively reduces the time she shows learners the colours.

The teachers infuse the classroom with a playful spirit, fostering a joyful atmosphere. The learners are fully engaged in their learning experiences, enjoying their time while acquiring new skills and knowledge.


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