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How to encourage our children to be innovative thinkers

Our education systems current focus on standardized testing, homework and on achievement in academics and sports is pushing our children away from innovative thinking. This can cause anxiety, self-esteem issues and suppression of creativity and imagination. So how do we overcome this and encourage our children to be the innovators we need to solve the problems of the future?

PLAY - Innovative frameworks are strengthened by bringing a sense of play into the curriculum.

CURIOSITY - Helping children find connections between things encourages curiosity about how things work together.

PASSION - Allowing children to guide their learning and working through their interests and passions can improve motivation and sense of purpose.

FEARLESSNESS - To encourage better creative problem solving, children need to be encouraged to take risks and try new things.

PURPOSE - The sense of doing something that can make a difference, rather than just doing something for a good grade, gives a child a greater sense of purpose, which encourages them to take risks and look for new solutions to problems.


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