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Teacher-Parent positively influencing her parent-community!

A practitioner from one of our partner ECD-centres, Humble Little Achievers, has also been a beneficiary of the Six Bricks at Home Initiative, necessitated by the COVID19 crisis. Her name is Thembisile Phakula.

Thembisile using bricks to help her child learn her name and numbers

She has two children, a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, who are beneficiaries of the Six Bricks Resources. It has been amazing to observe the Six Bricks activities that she has been engaging her children in. Some of the activities are extensions or adaptations of the activities provided in the Six Bricks Pamphlet while others are born out of her own creativity and genius. Thembisile has the amazing ability to integrate her children's learning experiences using Six Bricks and other resources in the home. She also has a unique way with children - both her own and those from her center. She knows how to engage them effectively and is patient with their developmental journeys and struggles.

Thembisile demonstrates a Six Bricks balancing activity to parents who have come to collect Six Bricks and Pamphlets at their center.

Aside from the daily Six Brick experiences she is having with her children, Thembisile has been recording and sharing these on a WhatsApp Group created for the parents of her learners. She sends regular updates to the group, and parents naturally respond with their own experiences. This has not only helped to guide and motivate parents as they interact with their own children; it has also helped to keep them regularly engaging with their children.

Thembisile integrates number recognition, number conservation, left&right positions and body-parts in an activity with her 5-year-old daughter

We are very proud of Thembisile and the work she is doing in her own "sphere of influence" She is adding so much value to the Six Bricks at Home Initiative in her community!

Thembisile incorporates body movement and colour recognition in this colour-sorting activity with her 2 year old son

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