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Who needs a TV when they can play with Six Bricks?

As Six Bricks sets found their way into many a Chief-Albert-Luthuli home, they led to children finding new ways of "whiling away their time"; espescially at night. The excitement and joy derived from building and playing with these LEGO resources has resulted in children often "losing themselves in play" as they interact with the bricks.

Parents have noticed a significant decrease in the time spent watching TV; both at night and during the day, but especially at night. With lesser options available for children to keep themselves occupied at night (the default being TV), Six Bricks has really made a difference to the quality of children's evenings in Chief Albert Luthuli. The reduced screen time has also been advantageous for their development.

Children's frequent engagement with Six Bricks is not only helping to keep their minds and hands actively engaged; it is also increasing playful interaction between parents and children, especially at night. Who needs a TV when they can play?


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