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A Six Bricks Series (Part 5)

Johannesburg East, Gauteng

Join us over the next few weeks as we share some playful lessons using Six Bricks from around South Africa! 🤗


It's Competition Time!

In this quick, lively outdoor activity, learners divide into two teams. The teacher arranges two rows of hula hoops, with each team positioned behind their respective line of hoops. The learners break their bricks into piles, and each team designates a leader to kick off the challenge.

The leader holds a single brick and starts hopping through the hula hoops, balancing on one leg. At the end of the hoops, the leader carefully places their brick. As soon as the first learner accomplishes this task, the next one eagerly begins, carrying the next brick and hopping through the hoops. The learners continue taking turns until every team member has navigated the hoops and added their bricks to the growing stack. The team that completes their stack first earns the title of winner.

The excitement among the learners is contagious as they eagerly participate in this engaging activity. Following the initial round, the teacher announces a second one to keep the enthusiasm alive.

Throughout the activity, the learners maintain an atmosphere of excitement and mutual support. They cheer each other on and clap for the winning team. The experience provides the learners with plenty of enjoyment, physical activity, and a dose of sunshine before returning indoors for more learning adventures.

Watch the video to see how the teacher starts the lesson, engaging learners in movement activities to warm up, 'unstick' their brains, and prepare them for the competition.


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